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I'm so excited to start out the new school year with your child!  Please know that there will be lots of new information coming your way at our meeting the teacher on August 10.  Please try to attend.  Know your child's afternoon bus number.  I will need that before you leave my room.  I will want to know what bus to put your child on at the end of the day!

Dates to remember;

August 10 parents can come in to meet the teachers.  Second Grade starts at 10:00.  At that time your child may bring in their supplies and donations.  If they have their summer curriculum completed they may also turn that in.  Please make sure that you have your name on all of your papers to turn into me.  


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We will have a reading assessment the first week of school.  This assessment is to let me know where your child is in their reading abilities.  



The first week of school we will also have a math assessment to show me where your child's ability is in math.





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Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs. Hershberger MA, BA, Gifted and ESOL

Team Leader

Second Grade Teacher

Pine View School

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