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April 20, 2018

Dates to remember;


Media every Thursday from 10:00-11:00  

Here are some dates to remember;

April 27 Immigration Simmulation 9:30-11:00

May 1 starting our last I-Ready digonstic test this is the big one that counts a lot!

May 3 & 4 will be our Mote Marine trips.  My kids will need to be split up so some will go on the 3rd and the rest will go on the 4th.

May 21 cleaning day

May 22 YMCA water park

May 23 PJ and movie day

May 24 game day and the last day of school for students.   


Student of the Week:      Jane


Birthday Wishes go to our May Birthdays;


Happy Birthday to; Kiaan on June 8, Jane on July 7 and Tej on July 26.    Please let me know what day you would like to bring in your birthday treat and we will celebrate your child's birthday!



 From now on the class will be working on our Immigration Unit during reading.   Some papers that come home you will need to help your child answer the questions.  Some of you probbly never went through Ellis Island so please look into your past to see if any of your relatives came through Ellis Island.  Next Friday, April 27, your child should come dressed as a person who came from a different country (your country) and when we start the simulation they should speak their native language if they can.  I can still use some help with the baggage claim station.  I have a few parents that wanted to come in to speak of their experiences which I would really love to hear.  I can do that on Thursday.  Please let me know when it would work or you.  We would love to hear your story. 

Please bring a change of clothes for your child to change into that day.  White tops are prefered for the high school is putting on a day of PEACE.



** We  will start on Chapter 7, Division, on Monday.  The test will be on May 3 & 4.  Our Mote days.  The kids that go will take it the next day and then we will switch. 



Science Unit 10


Social Studies


  Studies Weekly - none



Have a wonderful weekend,

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