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May 21, 2018

Dates to remember;



Here are some dates to remember;


May 21 cleaning day so please bring empty backpacks to put all of your things to take home.  In the afternoon, we will have a Lego contest with all second grade

May 22 YMCA water park and picnic with all second graders.  All students will need to wear their swimming suits under their clothes with sun screen.  Bring a towel and wear sandals.  My class will be in charge of trays of veggies.  Mrs. Cicilioni has graciously said that she would bring 3 large trays.  We are feeding all second graders and each class  is in charge of bringing food for the picnic.  

May 23 PJ and movie day

May 24 Kickball challenge from Ms. Cookerly's class in the morning, board game day and the last day of school for students.   


Student of the Week:      Yashvi


Birthday Wishes go to our May Birthdays;


Happy Birthday to; Kiaan on June 8, Jane on July 7 and Tej on July 26.    Please let me know what day you would like to bring in your birthday treat and we will celebrate your child's birthday!






Starting on 4th grade math.






Social Studies




Have a wonderful weekend,

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